tartandesignCombining computer technology with an expert knowledge of traditional tartans, Geoffrey (Tailor) is able to offer this highly skilled service both to individuals and organisations. Over the years the company has designed and registered tartans with the Scottish Register of Tartans for numerous clients. These clients have ranged from the individual wishing for their own tartan designed for a kilt, to large corporations wanting corporate gifts, or uniforms with their own exclusivity. The 21st Century tartan and our own Thistle range of tartans were designed in-house for use exclusively by Geoffrey (Tailor) and are directed at the wedding and tourism market to give those without their own family tartan a more substantial choice. The Sustainability tartan was designed for a client, who wished it “to portray a greater awareness of efficiency, sufficiency, equity, justice and community into our twenty first century quality of life”. The main colours are blue – to represent Earth’s ocean’s, and green – representing land. These colours are balanced at a 70:30 ratio to reflect the actual land to ocean ratio of Earth. Added is a strong yellow for light and a paler blue to portray beauty. This tartan is a perfect example of how personal a tartan can be for individuals or for use by a company as their corporate identity. Imagine a tartan for your company or family, personally designed for you, using your choice of colours. For more details and a personalised quote please contact Geoffrey (Tailor)’s head office.Sustainability

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