Edmund Lester ā€“ Illinois USA

Hi Denise,Just a quick note to say I received the shipment yesterday! Everything looks terrific, and the Sherrifmuir jacket fits perfectly. The vest is a little snug around the middle, but there is plenty of time here to have it let out in time for my upcoming event.  Despite not being on site for a formal fitting, I think everything came together quite well. I also am really pleased with the shirt including jabot and cuffs, thanks so much for your consideration! I am really quite pleased with the excellent quality and continued trade with Geoffrey (Tailor)! Best regards


Heather Purvis-McConnell

I wanted to thank you for this gorgeous kilt you’ve tailored to perfection. It’s hard to describe how happy it made me to see it. And it FITS! I know. It’s a kilt. It can’t be explained. Perhaps you have an idea though.
It’s an elegant, polished style that moves with grace and beauty. It will be wore well at the games. I may wear it with flats during the day — but at night, I’m wearing heels!
Ian, wants one too! He’ll be ordering it for his ceremony as Chieftain of the Caledonian Club (he’s a shoe in). Oh, and he’ll be wanting the pleats on the pattern too. Looks fabulous!
P.S. Your lovely brochures will be used well!


Graham Gillespie USA

Lynsay, Denise:

The kilt has arrived in good order.  Thank you very much for all of your help.  This is the third (fourth?) that I have ordered from Geoffrey and have been nothing but pleased with your quality and service.This one will be presented to the recipient soon and Iā€™m sure will be as gratefully received.Many thanks and best to all there.

Graham Gillespie


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