gents kilts Edinburgh
Geoffrey the Tailor specialises in traditional hand sewn made to measure kilts for men. Our traditional kilts are hand tailored by highly skilled craftswomen and men in the company’s own workshops in Scotland, and are made to the highest standard using top quality materials, even in the bits that cannot be seen. We combine tartan expertise along with long established quality tailoring to give the ‘Geoffrey’ kilt the lasting value you would expect.The most popular and highly recommended traditional kilt for men is the eight yard kilt made in full weight, 16/17oz worsted. We can also offer this kilt with machine stitching to save cost (see below). Geoffrey the Tailor recommends the full weight as it hangs so well and keeps shape excellently. We would like to advise that the 16/17oz will hold shape better, especially in warm climates, than the 12/13oz., which is inclined to ‘wilt’. It should be noted that eight yards of either weight wrapped around the body, will be warm to wear, and there is only one pound difference in weight between the two kilts. The kilt can be sewn to the sett of the tartan, or to a dominant stripe in the tartan, which means the back of the kilt has a stripe down each pleat. Each kilt has sporran/belt loops made in the tartan, and a leather strap and buckle on the left side and two on the right side. The kilt is made on the selvedge edge of the cloth so there is no hem sewn. The traditional kilt sits high on the body and drops down to the top of the kneecap. If you like to wear the kilt a bit longer, you must advise when ordering or being measured by a member of staff. Geoffrey the Tailor also makes casual kilts for men. These start with five yards of material being used and are sewn by machine. This type of kilt sits much lower on the body and is useful for more casual occasions like football matches. It is recommended as a second kilt to save wear and tear on your traditional kilt.

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